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ESL.Wiki automatically puts aside a personal user space for each registered user. The personal page start is located in the namespace user:"user_name":.

By default, after registration, the participant's personal page does not exist. To create it, you need to follow the link in the upper right corner, after the inscription "Logged in as:"

Link to the participant's personal page

After following the link, click on the "Create page" button, fill in the page with the desired content and save it.

The content of the participant's page, to a certain extent, is determined by personal desire and may include photographs, personal data, organization data, logos, including active external links to resources belonging to the participant (the author, the organization).

According to the privacy policy of the ESL.Wiki project, no member is required to disclose his real name, so it is not necessary to provide it on your member page.

Any user can create additional pages in his user namespace user:"user_name":"extra_page", for:

  • temporary storage of text fragments when working on articles;
  • gradual writing of an article, which is too early to be placed in the main space;
  • temporary creation of a list of links necessary for writing an article (on a permanent basis, it is allowed to post links to web pages directly related to this participant and resulting from his work);
  • other technical purposes.

ESL.Wiki engine does not have built-in facilities for separately specifying the contribution made by a particular participant, so if you wish, you can specify on your page the pages in the creation of which you contributed. Contributions made to the writing of a particular page can be viewed in its edit history.

Invalid content on the user's page will be removed and an attempt to restore it will be considered vandalism.

Participant pages are open for viewing and even editing by other participants. Editing someone else's personal pages without an invitation is considered bad form, and in some cases - vandalism. The administration reserves the right to make changes to the personal page, if its content does not meet the requirements of ESL.Wiki.

The conditions and restrictions on editing the personal page have not been finally established and are at the stage of comprehension and definition, therefore, the provisions of the rules may be changed in the future.

The site administration reserves the right to close user pages from indexing by web crawler that contain links to external resources that may harm the search ranking of the Wikibook. These include sites that are sanctioned by search engines, sites involved in selling link placement, as well as sites that have a low rating in site authority check services and contain links to resources inappropriate to the subject of the Wikibook.

Also, pages with links to external resources, those editors who do not make any significant contribution to the development of the project, as well as making, as they say, “edits for the sake of editing”, will also be closed for indexing.


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