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The main task of the website ESL.Wiki as a service is to provide the infrastructure and organizational environment for the creation and development of "English Language Wikibook" with open content on the terms of free license.

In addition to providing the environment itself and defining general ideas, the ESL.Wiki administration has a number of additional instructions and caveats. Those, before participating in the ESL.Wiki Wikibook as an editor, author, or simply someone who makes any contribution to the development of the project, please read and accept the following rules:

  • Edit boldly. Dive in and make changes. Other people can fix the mistakes later, so don't be discouraged and don't hesitate to give it a try. But also respect what has already been written, delve deeply before correcting anything.
  • During the editing process, individual paragraphs or entire pages can be added and changed, or typos or spelling errors can simply be corrected. In general, try to write clearly and concisely. It is very important that when you make changes you are always sure that they are really aimed at improving the content of the Wikibook. Reference section is devoted to the use of text markup. For experiments, you can use "Sandbox".
  • If you are writing an article on a controversial issue, try to present all the points of view you know.
  • Please do not post texts and images protected by copyright.

By clicking the "Save (page)" button, you agree to these terms of use and also consent to unrevocable publication under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Please note that the license permits commercial use of your contribution.

Articles or text that do not comply with the restrictions, as far as possible, will be brought to the required norm or deleted.

Remember, you are legally responsible for all your actions to add and modify material in the Wikibook. So for your own safety, you must exercise caution and avoid copying any material here that could lead to criminal or civil liability under applicable law.

ESL.Wiki accepts materials from other sources published under the terms of the "CC BY-SA", "Free Art" and "GNU FDL" (if it does not contain immutable sections) licenses , see "'CC BY-SA' and licenses compatible with it" and only if explicitly indicated on the pages of the source of information about copyright and the terms of its use.

When quoting, copying fragments of copyrighted works that do not allow free use should not exceed the allowable citation volume.


To maintain search ranking and spam cleanliness, the administration of Wikibook has introduced the following restrictions:

  • Web links in the body of the article are allowed only to the pages of "Wikipedia", "Wiktionary" (the list will be updated in the future), for sources and explanations use footnotes.
  • Links to an external resource should point to the original source, and not its duplicates on other resources. The link can be replaced with a more authoritative source (placing text for the sake of a link does not make sense, at any time it can be removed or replaced with another more authoritative one, the exception is the original source containing the stated idea).

The administration of ESL.Wiki reserves the right to delete text or articles in the authorship or origin of which there are doubts or some ambiguities. And also - the right to delete text or an entire article that is not of interest or any value to The Wikibook.

The established restrictions are at the stage of comprehension and definition, therefore, the provisions of the rules may be changed in the future. The exception is the license "CC BY-SA", this license is irreversible, except for cases of its misuse in violation of copyright incompatible with it.


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