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The Greek Alphabet in English

Α, α Alpha ['ælfə]
Β, β Beta ['bi:tə]
Γ, γ Gamma ['gæmə]
Δ, δ Delta ['deltə]
Ε, ε Epsilon ['epsəֽlɔn], BrE [ep'saɪlən]
Ζ, ζ Zeta ['zeɪtə], ['zi:tə]
Η, η Eta ['eitə], ['i:tə]
Θ, θ Theta ['θeɪtə],['θi:tə]
Ι, ι Iota [aɪ'outə]
Κ, κ Kappa ['kæpə]
Λ, λ Lambda ['læmdə]
Μ, μ Mu [mju:], [mu:]
Ν, ν Nu [nju:], [nu:]
Ξ, ξ Xi [zai], [saɪ], [ksi:]
Ο, ο Omicron ['ɔmɪֽkrɔn] , ['oumɪֽkrɔn]
Π, π Pi [paɪ]
Ρ, ρ Rho [rou]
Σ, ς Sigma ['sɪgmə]
Τ, τ Tau [tɔ:], [tou]
Υ, υ Upsilon ['ju:psəֽlɔn], [jup'saɪlən], ['ʌpsəֽlɔn]
Φ, φ Phi [faɪ]
Χ, χ Chi [kaɪ]
Ψ, ψ Psi [(p)saɪ], [psi:]
Ω, ω Omega ['oumɪgə], [ou'meɪgə]


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