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What Is The Grammar of English

English grammar / the grammar of the English language is a particular case of grammar that studies the grammatical system of the English language.

Particular grammar is a grammar that studies the grammatical system of a particular language or language groups. Particular grammar is contrasted with universal grammar. Universal grammar is a grammar that reveals general patterns inherent in all languages of the world.

Grammar / grammatical system — is a set of rules that reflect patterns in the construction of speech segments of language (words, phrases, sentences).

Also, grammar is sometimes understood as a textbook that includes information not only on grammar, but also phonetics, word formation and other basic information necessary for learning a particular language.

Grammar consists of two interconnected central parts, this is morphology, within which parts of speech are studied (the structure of words, inflection and word formation) and syntax (a section of grammar that studies the structure of phrases and sentences, as well as the functional interaction of their constituent structural units).

Grammar is also divided into practical and theoretical. The difference between practical grammar and theoretical grammar is that practical grammar prescribes the use of established norms and rules for the use of language, and theoretical grammar explains why such norms have developed. Theoretical grammar does not always provide an answer to why something is the way it is.

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